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WHAT ABOUT YOUR ENERGY?  What does "having Energy" have to do with Business Systemization and what does it have to do with you? Nope, not fitness.  Nope, not stimulated with coffee.  Nope, not survival mode.  Nope, not putting out fires in your Biz and HUSTLING until you make day! It means being: 🌟Robust, Driven, and feeling accomplished in the natural flow of your day and business. 🌟Resilience to daily stress without relying on a crutch like coffee. 🌟Being able to maintain energy levels throughout the day/week because of being well nourished and prioritizing stress relief. 🌟Having the strength to do whatever you love doing or want to be doing. 🌟Subjected to limited stressors so that they don't burn through your minerals, leaving you depleted. 🌟Feeling strong and robust through business day and in your family life challenges. How does one achieve this?  It sounds far-fetched, but it really is simple!  You just need to start prioritizing a Strong Health Foundation!! Too many moms undervalue the power they possess if they are embodied by strong health. So many moms are stuck in survival mode because we have lost total touch with what it means to live freely and energetically and thrive in business and life. I think that true energy at a physiological level and from a HEALTH standpoint has lost a lot of meaning due to all the popular distraction practices like "fitness" and "health shakes" and "fasting" and "hustling" that DOES.NOT.WORK.LONG.TERM.  In fact, these can blow up in your face without a strong health foundation. When I am building the best version of my online Biz, I need to be in good health-shape, physically, mentally and emotionally. By joining this event, I will teach you how to systemize your business while regaining your health and ENERGY in the true form of resilience. And just fiy, business systemization and energy levels feed into each other if you incorporate these strategies for business growth while establishing a strong health foundation. YOU can absolutely regain energy and thrive on all fronts.  You have the power if you acquire the tools! Can't wait to welcome you on-board!

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  • November 19, 2022 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Ended
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