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People buy the Results and the Feeling that the Results give them!

What feeling is your offer cultivating within your ideal audience when they reach their goals or achieve the result that they are seeking?

Does your marketing speak to, or reflect this feeling as an integral part of the end result? 

The results they receive but even more so, the feeling of the results needs to be communicated effectively so that your audience can get a sense of how they will feel when they do decide to buy from you.  

It is great to know what results we offer our clients, but not many business owners contemplates the feelings behind the results.  

This is where it becomes increasingly important to know your ideal client very well.  It is important to know what drives their buying decisions and what emotional drivers are behind their buying decisions.

If we are aware of these factors, we can market effectively and achieve the consistent growth that we search within our businesses.  

We can ensure return clients easier and enhance the effectiveness of the one of the most powerful forms of marketing, word of mouth!

It is worth it to get to know our clients, their wants, desires, needs.  It teaches us as Business owners how to show up and make sure that their emotional needs are fulfilled, the exact needs that lie beside the end results that they are looking for.  

Doing interviews with ideal client persona’s within your target market niche is a great place to start.  Having conversations builds relationships and trust and we get to learn a whole lot about the people we are trying to help.


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