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Overcoming Business Stagnation

❗️Stagnation!❗️The QUEST for perfection...

How many entrepreneurs get stuck with perfecting a phase, product, procedure as their business’s next step, while money is left on the table?

I have and I bet most do! Well the truth is that it’s a waste of time, energy and causes unnecessary stress to wait until anything is perfected according to your expectation of a specific standard before working with what you have in the meantime.

No one who buys from you are impressed by a perfect image. They care mostly about the end result that solves their problem. Even if it is delivered in an imperfect fashion. Even if there are some gaps.

Of course it’s fine to always work towards a better experience, as long as you don’t get caught up in the details and in turn hold yourself back with what actually matter – functionality! And progress!

Is your Biz and product offer and system of delivery functional? Even if it’s super simple, can your client be taken from point A to Z sucessfully RIGHT NOW despite some imperfections?

Yes? Then don’t hold yourself back by waiting for that perfection. Put yourself and your offer out there. Sell. Make Money.

And work towards bettering the process as you move along.

This is how Businesses grow. Those that keep doing.

Systemizing your Biz can take a lot of pressure off of you as the Biz owner so that your processes can run while you sell and have time to perfect the back-end.


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