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5 Steps for your Business to become more VISIBLE

1.Your Business Website:

Your website is your online store.  No, you don’t need a website to sell or make money, but if you do, it will benefit your business’ visibility.  Especially if keywords are optimised and it is indexed and searchable when people search online. 


-Start with a simple website containing all the meat of what you offer and expand as you grow!  Optimise your website for better searchability as you grow, or hire a professional service to do so on your behalf. 

-An (optimised keyword) Blog is also a great way to offer value and have clients interact with your business and gain more interest, or get found via an online search.

2.Social Media:

Add your business to social platforms and offer quality content that capture attention, educate, create curiosity in a simple and understandable way.

3.Niche specific platforms:

Add your business to listing platforms/databases. 


-Niche specific platforms are different from social media!  These platforms are marketplaces and databases that offer the advantage that your ideal clients can find you much easier via search if your business is listed. 


Join online groups and discussions on social media, online marketplaces, databases, platforms.  Add meaningful input to conversations and start to build real relationships that can evolve to business.


-Working with your competition or industry peers can be powerful!  Interviews, Promotions, Collaborations can be a win-win for both or multiple parties within the same niche.  It can build trust and help ideal clients feel part of a group/bigger purpose.

-In-person networking events can offer strong opportunities to become visible and make new business connections to enable your business to grow and become known in the market. 

5.Reviews and word of mouth: 

Create opportunities for clients to provide reviews of your product/service or work whenever possible.  The quality of your offering and the level at which you have solved your client’s ultimate problem, and the feeling they got from doing so, will be directly proportional to the word-of-mouth promotion and praise they provide to people who face the same problem. 


-People rave about the feeling they got from the results they were looking for.  Focus on fulfilling the promise of that end-result! 


When doing these 5 steps you set your business up for visibility in the best way.  Also remember to always present your business and structure your information in a way that can inspire your ideal market to want to reach out and work with you. 


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