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What takes up your Time in business?

What are you spending your time on in your business?

1.Make a list of continuous tasks that needs attention on a daily basis.
2.Identify the ONE income generating task that is MOST important to your business and brand promise. Make sure you focus in that task every single day. Push your effort into this task.
3.Prioritise other tasks.
4.Eliminate unnecessary tasks.
5.Ask which of the remaining tasks can be simplified or automated by using automation tools and apps and manual SOP’s.
5.Find these tools, set them up and implement it into your standard operating procedures.

*TIP* There are very little that cannot be done with online tools and apps these days. When a tool or app cannot automate the task, you can see which ones can be simplified to increase your productivity, or set up a manual SOP!

Only then do you decide if remaining tasks warrant outsourcing. DO NOT OUTSOURCE PREMATURELY. Do not fall victim to the pressure to outsource before you or your business is fully ready.  You need to understand every aspect and task within your business to ensure  outsourcing tasks are successful.

Use smart strategies and tools to automate first as far possible, it saves you time and money later.

It’s all about reducing the overwhelm while making your day more productive!


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